We send your RFID Tag(s) from us uncopied with trackable Priority 1 letter to you mail box. Then you go to your closest keyservice or locksmith that copies RFID Tags and copy them so they work for your door(s).

Before you order. Make sure you have the right type of tag by making this easy test with an Android phone.
1. Activate NFC on your Android phone.
2. Place your credit card, gym card or some else card with NFC behind your phone. Does your phone make a sound or vibration? If yes, then you know NFC is working on your phone.
3. Now place your doortag behind your Android phone. Does it make a sound or vibration?
— NO SOUND OR VIBRATION = Right Tag Type. We can copy it for you.
— MAKES SOUND OR VIBRATION = Wrong Tag Type. We cannot copy it.

Video on how you make the test is coming soon…
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