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We met a man once at an event. He came up to our table and started talking. We listened, but at the same time something else caught our attention. As we looked down we saw that he had a big bulge in his pants.
We were like, “Hey man! what the heck you got there?!”.
He looked down and reached inside his pants and pulled out a gigantic bunch of keys from his pocket.
We were like, “Damn! Now that’s a big friggin chunk o´ keys!” “Why do you carry around so many keys?” we asked. He said that he was some sort of janitor or real estate guy and all these different keys went to a massive amount of doors around town.
We asked him, “Do you carry that shit around you all the time?”.
He was like, “Yeah, wherever I go, my keys come with me!”.
“Even on a night out on the town?” we wondered.
“What if you lose that chunk some night when you get hammered as hell?”
“Well, let me tell you guys a funny fact. If I was to lose these keys it would cost me somewhere around 200 000 bucks to replace all the locks where these keys lead to! Hehe!”
“Hehe, yeah that is quite funny, but not so fun if it would actually happen..” Funny man with a funny attitude.
The funny man eventually bought a keychain for his keys and strolled off.
But we couldn’t quite get it. Why did he take that big chunk of keys with him even on a night out? The only key he would need on a night out was his home key to get home.
Probably it was because that’s just what we do. We just take our keys with us, without thinking, everywhere we go. A keychain is of course a good safety measure to never lose them.
But we thought that if you could more easily take away your homekey from the rest of your keys, that would prevent you from taking all your keys everywhere all the time. To the track or town for example. So that’s why we created these small hooks with small keyrings attached to them. You just take your homekey, attach it to the small hook and the hook to your keyring.
Makes it easy to take off whenever you just need to take your homekey with you.
And also easily attaches to almost anything so you have them securely on you and never lose them.
We hope the man with the hundred keys hasn’t lost his keys and uses that 200 000 bucks he saves on one great party instead of changing locks around town.

These hooks of course work for all kinds of keys, to the garage, laundry room, bike keys etc. also different tools and jewellery. Only your imagination sets the boundaries of what you can use them for.
The most basic of these that we recommend is the 25mm Drop Hook. It works best from everything from keyrings to jeansloops.