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Keychains are the best way to carry your keys safely whether you carry your keys in your pockets or a bag. You like a bold style, classic style or no style at all, Coolkeys has a Keychain for you. All our Keychains are made of stainless steel. If you want any of our Keychains here to be customized for your style and need, just call or write to us and we’ll get it done.

Carabiners with Keyrings


179 kr

Keychains are the best way to keep your keys safe. Hooked to your pants or bag. With a CKS Keychain you can have your keys hooked on to you all day whether working on weekdays or partying on weekends. If you accidentally drop your keys, they will still hang on to you and you come home safe even if you've had a few too many on a nightout. CKS have Keychains for all purposes and styles. NO STYLE. JUST FUNCTION If you don't care about style but still want to carry your keys in a safe way. Choose a short keychain that easily hides in the pocket or bag. SOPHISTICATED CLASSY STYLE If you like a more sophisticated style. Choose a thin and medium long keychain with thickness between 5-8mm and lenght of 200-400mm. Works on weekdays, for fine dining and parties. BOLD STYLE Your style is bold and you don't care what people think about you. We have probably the worlds biggest and boldest keychains for you. CKS Keychains is the core of a Functional Lifestyle.