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We love Keychains and have many personal favourites. That´s why we made the CKS Switch Keychain Collection. You only need one Keyring but can have several different Keychains. Switch between your Keychains in 3 seconds for different clothes, styles, occassions and moods.

OBS! Switch Keychains comes WITHOUT A KEYRING. So if you’re a first time buyer, add any of our 30mm keyrings to you cart also and you’re good to go. 1 Keyring, Several Keychains, Easy to Switch.

Dropped keys can cost a lot of money. Once during an CKS Event we met a man who said if he where to drop his keys, chainging all the locks would cost up to 100 000 SEK (Maybe an exaggeration, but still…). Beltloops can rip & Hooks sometime loosen by accident. So we came up with the CKS Dual Security System. 1 Keyring, 2 Keychains. You hook the different Keychains on one end to the same Keyring and on other end to different parts of your pants. If a beltloop would rip on one place or hook loosen, your keys are still hooked to your pants on another place. 2 Keychains on 1 Keyring can be used for Dual Security, or just for the personal style it adds. All our SWITCH KEYCHAINS can be used for these purposes.