Has many purposes. Maybe the Phone Chain you bought was a bit too short, extend it easily to the lenght that fits you perfectly with these extensions. Or easily switch between a short phone chain and a longer. Or use them just to add a different style to your Phone Chain.

All these extensions can also be used to extend CKS Wallet Chains, Keychains, Necklaces etc. When you don’t use it for your phone chain, you can use it on your Keychain, Wallet Chain or Necklace. Remove it from your Necklace or Keychain in a second and extend your Phone Chain and vice versa. Switch Style and Function Easy & Never Drop Your Valuables!

How long phone chain you can have depends on how long you are. E.g. I’m 180cm long and 55cm (550 mm) is the maximum lenght I can have, then my phone is 10cm from ground if dropped. So if you choose to buy a phone chain or extend one above 45cm you should do an easy safety check that only takes 1 minute.
After you extend your Phone Chain test it so it doesn’t hit the ground while hanging down your pants. Put on the extension, hook the chain to your phone and pants, and then let it hang down. Make sure the phone is hanging above ground at least 10cm. You can also “test drop it” by standing on a mattress and drop your phone and see if it hits the mattress. You can do it several times (3-10 times) to see so the phone doesn’t pop out from the case or that something else when you drop it. If it should pop out while “test dropping”, you can put dual sticking tejp between your phone case and phone then it won’t pop out if dropped even if you have a really soft silicone case.

LINK TO DUAL STICKING TEJP THAT WORKS IF YOUR PHONE POPS OUT (Sweden)—teknik/kontor/kontorsmaterial/tejp/dubbelhaftande-tejp-2000017572?gclid=CjwKCAjwvsqZBhAlEiwAqAHElTk4nZOutTel2AAGLep6HA04CDBS11smQ1vTrR5YAAsBw3PN1JRxMBoCNmYQAvD_BwE

We at CKS usually use a 30-36cm long Phone Chain during weekdays. But switch to a 55cm long when going out. For these 3 purposes.

  • TAKING PICTURES. When you want to take a picture, you don’t need to unhook the chain from your phone.
  • TALKING PHONE TO EAR. When you need to talk with the phone on your ear without BT headset.
  • SHOWING SOMETHING on your phone to a friend.

Because when you party and drink alcohol, your memory becomes more hazy and you might to forget to hook the chain back to your phone after doing some of the above things. And then the whole purpose of having a Phone Chain dissapears. That’s why it’s better in case you’re going to drink alcohol to have a longer Phone Chain so you never have to unhook it. It’s always hooked to your pants and phone. Either extend your current short/medium long Phone Chain, or have an extra longer one you switch to when it’s party time.

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