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Mini Wallet Chains is an accessory we came up with back in the summer of 2016. Jari lost 2 small wallets during that summer on nightouts. The problem is that there are no wallet chains that can be hooked to smaller wallets and card holders. The solution was to have a much smaller but strong stainless steel hook that you hook to the wallets zipper. In this way any wallet with a zipper can be carried safely at all times, especially when it’s party time!

The great feeling you get when you hook your wallet to your pants is you’ll be much more relaxed when partying and have more fun. And also eliminate that hangover wake-up anxiety… “Where’s my wallet?!”

  • Never drop your wallet
  • Never worry about dropping your wallet
  • More fun and relaxed partying
  • Add style to your look
  • Switch in seconds between different Wallet Chain Styles

If you carry your wallet mainly in a bag or purse of any size. These Wallet Chains are great for 2 reasons.
As long as you have your bag, you know you also have your wallet. Hook the chain anywhere in your bag, outside or inside and it will be hooked to your bag even if you hang upside down.
Another problem carrying a wallet in a bag is it doesn’t stay in the same place but moves around while you move. So you have to always look around in the bag to find it. With these Wallet Chains you just pull the chain and you have your wallet always in your hand in 2 seconds without having to look in the bag.