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Wallet Hooks is an accessory we came up with as an everyday alternative to our Mini Wallet Chains. Sometimes you don’t want to have a chain hooked to your pants, or it might be in the way at work. The Wallet Hook is a great compromise. It barely takes any space and is very discreet, but you get almost the same safety as with a wallet chain. You put your wallet in pants or jacket pocket, and then hook the Wallet Hook on the edge of the pocket. In this way the wallet can’t slink out even while running or hangin up side down. We recommend this product for everyone who uses a wallet with a zipper since it’s a very cheap and easy safety solution.

When it’s time for party we recommend you use a Mini Wallet Chain (or a regular Wallet Chain) instead. Since during a night out you take out your wallet several times and one can easily forget to hook the wallet onto the pants after buying a beer or drink. A Wallet Chain is always hooked to the pants and therefore a better solution during night outs.

You either easily remove the Wallet Hook and switch to a Wallet Chain. Or just hook the Wallet Chain straight onto the Wallet Hook and enjoy your night out without dropping your wallet.