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We at CKS have dropped several wallets over the years, mainly during nightouts. You take it in and out of your pocket several times to buy a drink, beer or food. And as the night goes on, more dizzy and careless you get. And that’s often how both wallets and keys get dropped.

So that´s why we came up with the “Zipper wallet chains”. You can carry any kind of wallet safely as long as it has a zipper, hole or ring. It´s a simple solution to live your everyday life more relaxed without worrying over dropping your wallet. And also have more fun and relaxing nightouts. You’ll never drop a wallet again.

There are two types of wallet chains. The "normal" kind you hook to a hole or ring on the wallet. But since many wallets don't have a hole or ring we at CKS made the zipper wallet chain solution. It works for all wallets that have a zipper. So no matter what kind of wallet you have, CKS has a wallet chain for your need. You find your wallet fast and never lose it.