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Dual Carabiners and a keyring in stainless steel with polished surface. If you have more than 3 keys but want the smallest carabiner, then this 40mm Carabiner & 30mm Keyring combo is the best option.

The second 40mm carabiner is one of the best accessories you can have on your keyring. It can be used in many ways on the keyring, hook on extra keys quick, your ring when your at the gym and other small stuff. And you can hook the second carabiner off quick and use on your backpack, bag, car or wherever to hook on things. If you want this 40/30/40 combo in Black, Steel, Vintage, 18K Gold etc. You can pick the Carabiners and Keyring individually from their categories. You can also just buy a 40mm Carabiner individually and hook on to any keyring for the function. Or do own combos 50/30/40, 60/30/40 depending on what carabiner size you like carrying your keys with.

  • All stainless steel
  • Polished surface
  • Engraved logos
  • Carabiner Lenghts: 40 mm
  • Keyring size: 30 mm
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