169 kr

Cooltags with a short Viper chain in Stainless Steel. Attach it to your current keyring or buy a matching keyring in our webshop. The chain has several benefits compared to having your RFID tag fixed on your keyring.

  • MORE FLEXIBLE. The chain makes your Cooltag a more flexible on your Keyring, it can move more freely.
  • LESS SPACE. With the chain your Cooltag takes less space in your pocket since it can adjust itself in your pocket so it becomes more flat.
  • LESS “BULKY”. The chain makes your keys less bulky in your pocket.
  • ADDS STYLE. The chain adds extra style to your Cooltag.

This product matches all our STEEL and BLACK accessories. Get a matching Keyring, Keychain, Lanyard or Necklace for this product. Find them in their respective categories in our webshop.