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Get copied COOLTAGS delivered to your home anywhere in the world.

Add the COOLTAGS you want as copies to the shopping cart. Then add this service to the shopping cart and pay.

After payment, send us one of your original RFID tags by REGISTERED MAIL. Write your order number on a small note that you put in the letter, (the order number is on the receipt that comes to your email after the purchase).
When we receive your door tag, we copy it as soon as possible to the COOLTAGS you bought in our webshop and send it by registered mail back to the address you entered when ordering.

Send your RFID tag to the address below:
Cool Keys Sweden AB
Arvesgarde 27
41744 Gothenburg

If you have any questions, click the chat button in the lower right corner to chat with us. Or Call/Text Jari on 0707 567235 to get answers to your questions.

p.s. We copy for free. The only thing you pay for is your COOLTAGS and the delivery fee from us to you.