229 kr

Cooltags with a 25mm Drop Hook in Stainless Steel plated with 18k Gold. The hook has several benefits compared to having your RFID tag fixed on your Keyring.

  • EASY TO LEND. You don’t have to give all your keys to people visiting you but can in a second unattach the Cooltag from your keychain and lend just the tag.
  • ALWAYS SAFE. With the Stainless Steel hook your Cooltag can be carried safely at all times. Can be hooked to pants with or without belt loop, jacket pocket, bag, zipper, necklace, lanyard, keychain.
  • SHORT ERRANDS. When just going out to throw the trash, doin’ laundry, going to the store etc you can leave your big bunch of keys at home and only carry the light-weight Cooltag with you.
  • HOOKED COOLTAG FOR VISITORS. Have an extra RFID tag at home that you can always borrow easily to people visiting you. It makes their visit more fun and memorable when they get to open your front door with a smiley, skull or a piece of classic art.
  • EASY TO SWITCH COOLTAG. If you like several Cooltags in our store, you can buy several and easily in a second switch your Cooltag for different occations or for fun. E.g. Going to a rock concert you can have a ROCK TAG, going to the gym you take the NO PAIN NO GAIN tag etc.

This product matches all our GOLD accessories. Get a matching Keyring, Keychain, Lanyard or Necklace for this product. Find them in their respective categories in our webshop.